Warning: Runs with Scissors (fallofrain) wrote in ff_high,
Warning: Runs with Scissors

Suggested Plots.

Straight out of the worst fanfics you've ever read.

Soap Opera week. (Cloud has a brain tumor! Sephiroth realizes his mother is Spanish! Jecht and Squall break up... again! Yuna plots to marry Edgar and steal him away from Faris!)
Random Gender Swap Week.
Yaoi Week, and then Yuri Week.
OOC Week. (Act completely OOC, you may not be anything resembling canon at all.)
Mpreg Week. (Sephiroth is pregnant, again.)
Mary Sue Week. (Your character must fall in love with a Mary Sue/Marty Stu temporarily.)
Implausible Relations Day (Everyone is somehow related to everyone else.)
AOL Speak Day (You must use the AOL translator. If you don't need the AOL translator... we don't want to know.)
Purple Prose Day (only long poses squeezed full of the largest words are acceptable)
One liner day (you may pose no more than one line of text)
Half-Esper week (Everyone becomes a half-esper. EVERYONE.)

And... I'll go surfing through Fanfic.net later to get more ideas.
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How about a plot referencing some of the more Out There fanon theories? Rinoa turns evil because secretly she was Ultimecia all along, Vincent turns out to be a vampire and Sephiroth's father...
Oh I figured I'd leave that up to the players. :D These are global ideas.

Deleted comment

Cloud's brain -is- a Tumor. ^___^
Everyone turns into some sort of horrible fluffy animal week. You know, for all those 'Seifer is suddenly a cat!' fanfictions.

'Just needs a hug' week. Everyone develops some sort of major psychological issue. When they recieve a hug from either a Mary Sue or someone that it's highly improbable for them to be in a relationship with, said issue goes away.

Angel day. Everyone magically gets wings and is actually an angel sent to watch over someone else and love them forever and ever.

Hurt/Comfort week. This speaks for it's self. Maybe this will be every day. >_
*DIES* Thank you I will add those.
We are going to do the usual HS moments right...Prom, stuff like that right?