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ff_high's Journal

Final Fantasy High
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Warning: This game is a parody.


Take all the final fantasy games and stick them into a high school setting ala the WORST fanfics you've ever seen and you'll have the game in a nutshell. Stereotypes? An abudance of them. Obnoxious cliches? All over the place. Crack? Everyone should be smoking it, it's mandatory. This game is not meant to be taken seriously, it's supposed to be a mockery of the Final Fantasy games and the ever dramatic high school years we all loved/hated/felt ambivalent toward.

Your mission is to take a character from any of the Final Fantasy games and force them kicking and screaming into the world of high school cliches and stereotypes. You can be faculty, school staff, part of the PTA, a member of the Board of Education, or a student, just so long as your character somehow fits a stereotype or cliche in some manner or has some kind of hook to fit into the world (which is bent and broken).

Remember, if it's not BAD in some way, it'll be rejected. Save the good stuff for games that want that kind of thing.


You may take upwards of 4 alts. However, there are stipulations to this rule, please see below. Alt rules have changed!

1. Your alts cannot be from the same game. (FFX and FFX-2 are the same continuity and are considered a combined game.)

2. We encourage you to have your alts in different positions. For example, if your first alt is part of the faculty, your second should be anything but part of the faculty.

3. Your alts must be divided between the factions. You may have 2 alts per faction. Meaning you have to divide them between Garden High and Empire Prep.

(More coming soon.)