Warning: Runs with Scissors (fallofrain) wrote in ff_high,
Warning: Runs with Scissors


The rules of this game are... THERE ARE NO RULES.

Well, other than be nice to each other in an OOC context. Otherwise, anything goes. Seriously. Wanna burn down the school? Do it. (But tomorrow the school will be mysteriously rebuilt and open again.) The laws of reality and canon have been broken into pieces and tossed out the window. If you see it on FFN, you can do it on FF High.

Naturally if you really are concerned that something just won't work for some reason, contact your friendly and ever so helpful staff.

We're working on getting a site. Promise.
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Don't tempt me to make The Science Professor Hojo, that is rumored to give "extra credit assignments" that don't appear on the syllabus. X3
This made me laugh very hard.
Blame animarelic. X3